Welcome to my Homepage!

I am a second-year master's of engineering student at Texas State University, concentrating in electrical and computer engineering. I received a bachelor of science in electrical computer engineering at Texas State University in 2020 and a minor in applied mathematics and computer science. My research interests are in FPGA-based hardware acceleration and the integration of embedded systems for hardware acceleration.

My past work has included embedded systems programming and integration for two sponsored projects for Stratajam. First, I worked on the GoViz smart integrated headache rack project during the proof of concept phase. We used a Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer to read and control various peripheral devices using an Android tablet communicating via Bluetooth. Second, I worked on the UniLab drilling attachment project during the proof of concept phase. A Zynq-7000 SoC-based platform was used for the main control system to communicate with various peripherals used to collect geotechnical information from the rock wall in a borehole. UniLab was funded through the NSF's STTR Phase I (#2134781) program and was completed in April 2023. Additionally, I served as the Principal Investigator for the project and project coordinator for the GoViz and UniLab projects and other various engineering-based projects.

Currently, I am working on my master's thesis, which is projected to be completed by Fall 2023. I am researching and developing an FPGA-based hardware accelerator for band matrix multiplication and LU decomposition. The objective is to adapt matrix multiplication and LU decomposition algorithms to operate directly on a compressed band matrix data structure and implement the algorithms using HLS targetting the Zynq-7000 SoC, using HLS tools and optimizations to improve data throughput. Using the specialized band data structure allows the multiplication and decomposition algorithms to operate directly on the non-zero elements in the matrix.

This home page will serve as an outlet for my projects. Right now, you can find them on my GitHub!